Security at Southern Highlands

Your safety is important to us. Please take the time to read this essential information about security at the campus. Safety and WH&S is the responsibility of both UOW and our students.


Camera Systems

Cameras are monitored by recorders 24 hours a day

Security Telephones

There is a Security/courtesy Telephone located in the computer lab G02.

The security phone can be used to contact;
• Emergency Services - Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance (dial 000)
• Zaytex Security – phone 4872 4040
• Southern X protection ( only if your car is locked in the carpark) 1300 136 102
UOW Security can also be contacted on  4221 4555

Building Access

The campus is open to the public from 8:00am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday during session. Outside these times and on Public Holidays, the building automatically “arms” to prevent unauthorised entry. As a student, you have 24 hour access to the campus with your access card. (Complete this form and return to Erin or Stephen).

Entering the building after hours?
• Briefly hold your security card in front of the reader on the outside of the building to open the front doors. The wavy light will briefly turn green and a faint “beep” will sound.
• Use your security card to access appropriate areas of the building. After hours students have access to the following areas:
o Computer Lab (G02)
o Common Room (G14)
o Corridors, kitchen and toilet areas.
o Teaching rooms and seminar room
• The building will automatically “arm” at 12am. If you are in the building at this time you will notice flashing blue warning lights. If you wish to stay in the building, swipe your security card at the alarm monitor reader (the one that has a keypad) near the seminar room (G05), or on the wall near the top entrance and T1.
• Entering unauthorised rooms after hours or failing to deactivate alarms after 12am may trigger the alarm system and prompt a security call out.


Last reviewed: 3 January, 2018