Course and Faculty Information

Faculty and course information

The requirements to complete your degree are contained in the Handbook of the year in which you first enrolled in your current course.  

You should refer to the course structure each session to ensure you are selecting subjects to keep you on track to complete your degree. 

If you need academic advice about your course it is best to consult with an appropriate staff member or an adviser in your Faculty.  

The following shows you which Faculty your course belongs to, with a link to the relevant ‘student central’ homepage for each.  The Faculty student central sites provide key contact information and resources relevant to your Faculty, including assignment cover sheets. 

Faculty of Business – Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce

Faculty of Law, Humanities & the Arts – Bachelor of Arts

Faculty of Social Sciences – Master of Education. 

Faculty Student Advisers are also available if you are facing any personal issues and need advice on seeking assistance, or if you are having difficulty navigating the internal Faculty processes.  Visit the Faculty Student Support Advisers website for further information and contact details for the adviser in your Faculty.

Academic Advice

If you need academic advice, particularly questions with regard to ensuring the subjects you choose meet your degree requirements, you should get in touch with your Faculty/School Head of Students as per below. You may need to make initial contact via your Faculty Central office.

Faculty of Business
Ms Nadia Verucci, Head of Students

Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
Dr Jason Lim, Head of Students; Humanities & Social Inquiry
Dr Jo Law, Head of Students; English, Media & the Arts

Faculty of Social Sciences
Dr Noelene Weatherby-Fell, Head of Students; Education

Last reviewed: 17 May, 2018